Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2020

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A good web design acts as a mentor for your hands on the mouse. But, each year demands new web page designing to cope up with the new trend. Sometimes even if the idea of your website is interesting, web designing makes it look dull and lifeless.

Still, the problem is that you cannot stick to one design for much longer; you have to move along. So with 5 months almost over by 2020, let us have a look at the top trending web design of 2020.

The following designs ensure clear and uncluttered websites with rich content and visuals. Besides, with these trending designs, you can design a website that is in today’s style.

Oversized Type and Elements

Website owners love to make their website look simple and lively, so one of the best ways to do it is by oversized elements. This enhances clear and instant communications. The size applies to everything on a web page. It includes big, bold typography, full-screen images, and videos, and even prominent website menu icons.

Bold typology is a long invented and applied method, but it continues to be on the trending look. If you want an eye-catching website, use elements such as big bold alphabets along with an appropriate background. It helps the visitors in understanding what the site includes. Moreover, the oversized typing and elements fit on every screen size. Your website will outshine others with minimal use of design elements and excessive grand features on the pages.

If you have a tagline that needs to draw attention, bold typology is the best way to do it. It is normal for anyone who visits the website to look at those oversized words than the rest and that is where the key lies. Thus, it is still one of the best web design trends available. Black never fails to give a contemporary and modern feel.

Split Screen Content

Most often, we have more than one idea to convey to our visitors but want to keep our website clean and uncluttered. If you are thinking of applying the same concept, the split screen is the best choice. For this design, you need to divide your web page into two or three equal parts, each portraying different information or pictures. This will allow each of the segments to create equal impressions in the minds of the visitors.

You can add a scroll effect to the first; asymmetric to the second or make them move. Do you want to add a visual hierarchy in the partitioned design? You can do it hassle-free. Are you confused about what to add? You can add anything. From a menu button in the centre to the company’s name or logo or a call-to-action in the middle. Place either of these elements where the two halves meet. This will make your webpage attractive, act as a focal point, and balance the screen.

The main advantage of the split screen is that you can highlight two vital messages at a time on a single page. How time-saving is that? Thus, it is one of the powerful design trends of 2020. It makes the homepage better organized and appealing.

Background Video

Background videos are trending in the present year and instantly captures the attention of the visitors. Website animations attract visitors to stay longer and surf through the website. People have used static backgrounds since ages. But the new background video instead of a high-resolution static picture is the new favourite among the developers.

Website developers use videos of different genres. These include videos of products, projects, and tours conducted. Some also members of the company either in a relaxed, professional, or combined setting or even feature a portfolio.

Most visitors find these videos interesting as well as captivating. However, if these go wrong they would slow down a website. If you want everything to work well, make sure to optimize the videos along with other elements of your website. Therefore, it is one of the latest web design trends 2020 seen across the net.

Solid Color Blocks

Do you want to follow the split screen trend and break your content into smaller parts? Yes, you can do it. With the concept of solid colour blocks, you can easily break your website contents. This will result in forming an array of diverse sized squares and rectangles with a separate colour. The look is sure to deliver many ordered and cohesive messages at once.

You can add a photo or a few short lines of text in each of the segments. This will be easy for your visitors in following the small bite-sized pieces of information. Do you want to make the combination more fascinating? You can do this as well. Choose different shades of colours from your website colour scheme.

The trend displays a collection of diverse items in a layout. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the outcome should not be a haphazard college work. Make sure that the coloured blocks should assemble forming a consistent composition. This will make the design attractive and your site visitors can easily understand them.

Ensure the neat alignment of the coloured blocks. You can also add a grid to make them look clean. Besides, the visuals must complement each other. All these features and cleanliness of the design, has made it the latest web design trends of 2020.

Tailored Illustrations

Websites contain various visual tools narrating a story. The illustrations, photographs, and icons are not placeholders, adding colour to the page. We design the web intentionally. The images and the videos support the message creating a brand identity.

If your illustrations are good and placed appropriately, they are sure to make huge differences. You need to add illustrations keeping in mind the function, goals, and objectives of your company and website.

The formation of your visual language enhances and summarizes your brand vision. You will need to browse the collections of vector art for unique illustrations, badges, and icons. Besides all these, it will be beneficial if you invest your time in studying and researching the high-quality features of media for images. This will effectively help you in tailoring the specific needs of your brand.


These are some of the best trending web design themes of 2020. There are many other impressive web-designing techniques. Some of them existed previously while others are the latest web design trends. Even if the website is colourful, the content of the website is more important. The developers should keep in mind that their goals are to make visitors achieve what they want from the website. So design it as simple with these cool techniques. However, adding these above trending designs will bring positive vibes to the websites.

Jignesh Vaghasiya is the CEO at Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a Web development company in Atlanta. That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.

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